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Nothing surpasses flooring installation in importance

The necessity of a professional flooring installation simply cannot be forgotten when it comes to your new flooring project. After all, why spend all that time researching, asking questions, visiting showrooms, and collecting samples, when you’re not going to put just as much care into a professional installation? The truth is, some manufacturers are even placing a professional installation stipulation on their warranties. In this case, you’ll definitely do well to be better safe than sorry. FloorWorks is proud to offer an experienced, professional installation team who can get your floors installed quickly and perfectly. They know their products well; have all the special tools necessary for the job, and even more importantly, they’ll treat your home as if it was their very own while there. They’ve already done a wonderful job for the residents of Phenix City, Opelika, Auburn, Columbia, and Smith Station. When you pick your favorite flooring from our showroom in Phenix City, AL, they’ll do their very best for you as well.

Flooring installation adds that finishing touch

Finding the floor covering of your dreams is truly one of the best parts about floor shopping. It really pays to spend those extra moments making sure you have exactly what you want and need. However, the real moment of truth is knowing that your flooring installation is going to bring those dreams to reality. Without it, you’re left with simply a great flooring covering or the looming job of DIY installation, which we advise you to avoid if at all possible. For some floor coverings such as solid hardwood, carpet, and porcelain tile, professional flooring installation is a necessity. These materials demand special tools for all the intricate parts of the process including cutting, stretching, seam connection, stairways, and so much more. Cutting one piece wrong can send you reeling over your budget as well, a side step that no homeowner wants to take. Instead, your team of professionals can take care of everything for you, leaving you with a beautifully finished job you’ll be proud of for years to come. While other floor coverings are much easier for the homeowner to install himself, it’s still worth it to leave it for a professional flooring installation. This alleviates any possibility of mistake, makes sure you won’t need to buy additional flooring or materials, and all the work is covered by our guarantee that you’ll love it. Did you know you can purchase the most beautiful flooring you can imagine — only to get have them poorly installed and then for all the beauty to be diminished? Have you ever walked on a floor and seen visible evidence of installers who cut corners — imperfect pieces, crooked panels, seams? Have you ever wished you hadn’t attempted to install that hardwood floor, carpet or tile yourself. Are you now wishing you had just paid a professional to eliminate all the mistakes that are so easy to make? If you’ve never encountered these situations, we’re very glad but we also understand that so many have encountered these problems. At FloorWorks, we hear tales of flooring woe far too often. If you’ve been part of a flooring horror story, then you know firsthand that a beautiful floor is only as good as the person that is installing it. So make sure you always hire an experienced professional to install your flooring.



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Making your process seamless

At Floor Works, we’re here to help make that process not only easier — but truly seamless. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship. Our team of installers are highly-trained professionals with expert knowledge in all flooring types. With so many options for installing floors — including videos that convince you that it’s not that hard to put down a hardwood floor yourself — it’s important to hire a company that you really can trust. At FloorWorks, we understand that, and that’s why we’ve been working so long in this industry. We know floors — and we know how to install them. Every flooring type is different, and only a true flooring professional will be able to tell you why some flooring styles would be better than others for your floor. For years, we’ve been filling the homes of Alabama and Georgia residents with gorgeous flooring that has that true "Wow" effect after the install. We don’t cut corners, we measure twice, and we back up our work with our customer service promise. When you have that — and the manufacturer’s warranty — on your side, you really cannot go wrong. We believe that a really great floor begins with a really great install — and we’re ready to do that for you. Call us today (706) 813-3661 to learn more about how we can begin the process of helping you select your new floor. Our team is proud to be your official flooring installers. Call FloorWorks today!