Commercial flooring


When your business needs durability, choose commercial tile

The flooring needs of businesses differ greatly from those of homeowners in residential areas, which makecommercial tile a great choice. Not only is the traffic far greater, but there are more opportunities for messes, some of which are much harder to get out, even with professional cleaning. There’s also not a lot of time to clean, as business hours take a good portion of most every day. When you have to bring in a cleaning crew after hours, you’re careful not to make too much of a mess.

At FloorWorks, we understand your commercial flooring needs better than anyone. That’s why we offer an excellent selection of products that are tailored to meet your very specific needs. Our associates are trained to find out exactly what you want and need, and then help you browse to find the perfect item. If you’re in the areas of Phenix City, Opelika, Auburn, Columbus, or Smith Station, you’ll want to visit our Phenix City, AL showroom, where we can help you find a material that will last you many years and be very affordable right from the start.

Commercial tile is made to perform

It doesn’t matter what purpose your business serves because it’s very likely commercial tile is the material that will truly meet each need and preference you have. Most importantly, it’s incredibly durable. Heavy levels of traffic are no match for the hard-wearing surface of this floor covering. We know that footsteps, heavy furniture, boxes, dollies, and more travel across your floors, but we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the performance this material offers.

You’ll still be able to get an amazing appearance, as you look through countless different solid color and design options. It’s easy to create just the look you want in any area of your business. Make your reception area bright with colors and designs, knowing that colors have a massive effect on the ambiance of those who visit. In the same way, you can use color and design to boost the morale of your employees as well.

If there’s a lot of dampness, spills, and water at your business, you’ll also be happy to know that commercial tile offers exceptional water resistance. Water damage is not likely with these floors in place and can withstand great amounts of water or liquid, even when it’s left to sit for a while.



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