3 Care Techniques to Extend The Life Of Your Hardwood Floors

The best part of hardwood flooring is their relatively easy maintenance. While they are generally damage-free, some smart care techniques will extend their shelf life, so that you can enjoy them for the long haul.

Avoid Pressure

Hardwood flooring can stand up to all kinds of dirt from shoes, but they may not be as resilient to pencil-thin heels or furniture bases because the floor may end up dented. Insert pads at the bottom of furniture pieces and keep your heels off hardwood to ensure your floor remains dent-free.

Keep The Dust At Bay

Dust and dirt can severely impact the spectacular sheen of hardwood flooring. So, take care to ensure that they don’t settle for too long on your floors. You may need to sweep, vacuum and mop at least once a week depending on where you live. Don’t use harsh chemicals to clean wood while mopping because they could end up stripping off the finish. Instead, mild detergent is enough to restore the pristine look of your hardwood floors.

Re-Finish Hardwood Regularly

Hardwood floors can last for several years, even decades. But the finish can strip off from the surface over time. This is an easy fix because you simply need to re-finish the existing hardwood without replacing your flooring to restore a near-new appearance once again. You can either hire professionals or do the job on your own based on your comfort.

Follow these smart care techniques to extend the shelf life of your hardwood floors. If you are considering installing hard floors or need re-finishing, contact Floor Works at 334-384-6888.