Is underfloor heating a good idea with hardwood flooring?

Is underfloor heating a good idea with hardwood flooring?

Finding someone who isn't shocked by their energy bills is almost impossible. You've heard many great things about underfloor (radiant) heating, but you're wondering if it is compatible with your hardwood flooring.

The answer is yes, for both solid and engineered hardwood. Engineered is considered one of the best because of its stability and strength.

Underfloor vs. conventional heating

Conventional heating systems use boilers and heating pumps. As a result, heat rises to the top, and, as a result, there are "cold spots."

When you think of it, the ceiling is the primary heat source! The floor is cold, and it doesn't take long for the ceiling heat to drop, and the cycle starts again. 

With underfloor heat, the floor becomes the primary heating source. As a result, the heat is distributed evenly, and your wood floors will be comfortable on which to walk.

And that’s how it saves on energy bills.

Wood flooring & underfloor heating: compatible in more ways than one 

1.Wood flooring has an allure that isn't deniable. These floors also add warmth and charm to a room.

What better way to capitalize on that warmth and charm than using a heating system that keeps the room warm?  

Also, let's face it. Radiators aren't precisely a beautiful design element! 

2.Hardwood floors last for decades, saving on replacement costs. In addition, underfloor heating saves on energy costs. We invite you to our showroom when shopping for wood flooring in Phenix City, AL.

Flooring excellence in Phenix City, AL

FloorWorks is a locally-owned store with years of experience. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will show you why underfloor heating may be the right choice for your hardwood flooring.

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